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All Hallows Eve – A Poem

An original  poem, written by myself many years ago.  Twas only my second stab at writing a poem so I hope you find it enjoyable…

All Hallows eve, a time for tale

Of ghostly ghouls & banshee wails

Of pumpkin pie and dunk the apple

And scary stories after a little tipple

Tis better than the night-time park

Sitting in a room so dark

With the torch that lights each horror face

That is passed around with a slowness of pace

As the current lit face tells the piece

Of a time they were scared out of their wits

With the anticipation of impending doom

Two hands become one as the hour looms

And as it arrives, the inevitable fight

Between good and evil when it reaches midnight

What better way to spend the last moments

Than with my friends hiding behind the sofa

Then midnight passes and the saints arrive

To scare away those ghostly vibes

And then we see the saints have won

When, peering over the sofa, the ghouls have all gone

And so I head for my nice warm bed

Safe in the knowledge we’re saved again

And when I wake the first thing I see

Is a sun so bright shining down on me!

I release my smile and thank the sun

For rescuing me when the night was done.

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