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Sarah Newlynn

This is the story of Sarah Newlynn.  A 12 year old girl who has no idea of the adventure she is about to embark on.  As it has been her generations of her family, Sarah’s grandma, who carries a family secret, is her guide as she looks for the trigger that will start her amazing journey…


Sarah Newlynn had sat on the London tube opposite her Nan for what seemed like forever.  Her nan had taken her out to look for something, as she had done almost every day for the last 2 years.  She didn’t know what it was but was told she needed to complete her journey.  Sarah was 12 years old.  She’s slightly plump with a plain, rounded face and brown, frizzy curly hair.  She’s dressed in a pink t-shirt, black leggings with pink spots and sparkly red flat shoes with butterflies on them.  Her hair is pinned with pink, sparkling butterflies.

Sarah was tired of the tube and wanted to leave.  She sat, slumped on the seat of the semi-full carriage looking pretty uncomfortable and very bored.  Every now and then, she looked up at her nan sitting opposite.  She wanted her to say ‘It’s ok, we’re on our way home now.  We’ll find it another day’.  However, her nan simply smiled back at her with those eye’s that said, it won’t be long now.

Sarah’s nan was called Beatrice Newlynn.  She was her nan on her mothers side. Sarah called her Nanny Bee.  Most everyone else just called her Bee.  They shared the same name as all first born women in her family always kept their name when married.  When Bee was 10 years old, she had been taken by her nan on a great adventure that lasted 3 years.  The adventure started when her nan, Constance, took her on a journey to each and every city in England looking for something.  For Beatrice, her something was a horse called Gertrude, just outside Bristol.  The adventure Bee had with Constance and Gertrude?  Well…  That’s another story that may spoil the surprise of this one.  But, you never know, it may be told another day.

In fact, this adventure was had by all the first born women of her line dating back as far as anyone knew.  No-one knew why, or when it started, only that it did.  It was always started by finding something.  A companion usually, and it was always started by the grandmother.  Beatrice knew that, when Sarah found her something, only then could her adventure start.  The thing is, Sarah and Beatrice had been looking for 2 years now without success.

Beatrice could see that Sarah did not really believe that she was about to embark on the most exciting adventure she would ever have.  Beatrice herself did not believe it when she was told the family legacy.  Neither did her daughter, Sarah’s mother, or Bee’s mother, or grandmother or any other first-born Newlynn.  It was only once it began that Sarah would understand what’s truly going to happen.

Beatrice’s place was as Sarah’s guide.  She was accompanying Sarah to show her the path and guide her on her way.  She would be there to give advice but also to help ‘influence’ things outside of Sarah’s control.  This included what Sarah was looking for.

Sarah kept asking her nan what it was she was looking for.  All throughout the search, she had asked, pointing out all sorts of random things along the way. Asking her nan ‘is this it?’  However, Beatrice would only ever say that she’ll know when she see’s it’.

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