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Evolution – Hidden from the World, Trapped Inside.

There was once a land separated from the rest of their world by ocean.  The land was small, yet it was large enough for the natives who lived there.  15 large cities existed along with numerous towns and villages.  Within their land, through co-operation and scientific discovery, they advanced.

To begin, they learnt about the Earth and the sea and the air.  They learnt about themselves and the animals around them.  They studied astronomy and soon learnt of their place in the universe.  They created electricity and discovered radio waves.

They built boats and eventually learned to fly.  They fished the oceans, cultivated the land and bred animals for food.

The people of this land had fables and stories, passed down through the centuries, of other lands in their world.  Many had believed they were true but, as the centuries progressed, they learnt not to believe.  Every ship that left the land to discover what’s out there never returned.  They built submarines and sent them.  None returned.  They even built tunnels under the ocean.  Every one collapsed.  They sent planes and drones with cameras.  Not one returned and the cameras lost signal shortly after leaving.

With communication technology growing, the people of the land eventually sent rockets into the air to release satellites.  They wanted these satellites to improve communication, but also to map the planet they lived on.  Every single one blew up mid-flight and the people were disheartened.  The status quo was returned.

The people of this land were free of guns, free of pollution, free of war.  They learnt very early they needed the land to survive and always replaced what they took.  They looked after their land and it showed.

There was no religion in this land.  Faith was simply a turn of phrase and was never used to manipulate.  The people realised early in their development that stories were stories.  They were good, but not something to be revered or followed.  The people still wanted to understand their place in the world though.  So they chose science to explain miracles and understand death.

Without war, this only increased their time available to understand and this meant they were far more scientifically advanced than you or I.

Some might call this land utopia.  Unfortunately though, no matter how advanced they became, they were still stuck in their land.  Unable to investigate or learn about the world outside theirs.

Until one day…  the outside world came to investigate them and that spelt the beginning of the end of this land.

The story of this land is long and it runs across millennia.  It would take up many volumes of history books which the libraries of this land are full of.  Although I have read some of these books, I could not begin to describe them here.

For now, I will tell you my story of this land, for I was on board the Doscartillu.  The first ship to make it across the ocean into, what we called, the Devil’s Land.  The story is long but I will try to keep you entertained.  If not, be sure to let me know.

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7 Comments on Evolution – Hidden from the World, Trapped Inside.

  1. An interesting prologue. It brings to mind the novel Islandia, by Austin Tappan Wright. Have you ever read it? Welcome to #FridayFlash.


  2. Adding to others, reads like an introduction. Intriguing in what happened to the explorations beyond the land in that they flourished in science and avoided war, but could not understand their missing ships and damaged rockets. There could be more to this land, perhaps hinted in those fables they choose to ignore. Much to explore.

    Welcome to #FridayFlash, and may you write more.


  3. “Devil’s land” you say… I can’t wait to read more stories from you, they’re interesting and captivating.


  4. Thanks for your comments Claudia & Steve. I actually have a whole storyboard built around how this land ends up being cut-off from the rest of the world. Just not started writing that piece yet.

    I will say, to those outside, the devil’s land is very well named,

    I do have a piece of work that follows on from this. It’s sitting in draft on here with a couple of others and I’ll probably put it up soon.


  5. I agree with Steve – it absolutely reads like the beginning of a longer story, one that could be a very interesting read. Hi and welcome to Friday Flash!


  6. Nature probably never intended this land to reach beyond itself, I feel rather afraid for this land now, the outside world has a habit of contaminating whatever it comes into contact with.

    This does read like the beginning of a much longer story, and the Devil’s land sounds intriguing… and probably very dangerous.

    Welcome to #fridayflash. 🙂


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