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So I haven’t posted in a while and it wasn’t just because of christmas, New year and my birthday.  Unfortunately, my father passed away on 20th December and I haven’t written anything new since.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have ideas as I do.  I just haven’t had the time before tonight due to the many things going on to sit down in front of my laptop and write.

It’s not just ideas though as many of you may understand that I have had almost too many thoughts and, in terms of the fiction, it’s woods for the trees.  It’s a strange thing as I have to guess this is the opposite of writer’s block.  Where ideas are intermixing with all the thoughts of real life and the issue is actually separating them out so I can create a remarkable story without being caught up with the emotions of what’s happening in life.

Now I’ve gained a little time to collect my thoughts, I’m sure I’ll be ready to post my next short story to #FridayFlash later this week.  I’m actually hoping I can start a mini-serial with input from readers and the world around me.  I’m working on this at the moment but it may not be this week.

On a side note, I actually have two stories on here in draft form but I’m reluctant to post as I don’t think they’re very good.  Still, it may be a boost to get them out there for review and discussion once I’ve read through and tweaked them somewhat. 😉

So to everyone who’s followed my blog in 2013 and to everyone who may follow me in 2014, I thank you for your spare reading time and I hope you like the things I write.  I’m also happy for any comments or suggestions you may have.

I look forward to bringing you much more content in the future. 🙂

And to finish, wherever you are and whatever you do, I would like to wish every one of you a very happy 2014.  If you do one thing this year, make it spending more time with family and friends. Life is short and you never know what may happen tomorrow.


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