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Arctic Oil Crisis

Arctic Oil and Natural Gas Provinces Map: The United States Geological Survey estimates that over 87% of the Arctic’s oil and natural gas resource (about 360 billion barrels oil equivalent) is located in seven Arctic basin provinces: Amerasia Basin, Arctic Alaska Basin, East Barents Basin, East Greenland Basin, West Greenland East Canada Basin, East Greenland Rift Basin, West Siberian Basin and the Yenisey-Khatang Basin. Map by and MapResources.


Even though he was told to walk straight in with the information, General Frederick Custer of the Canadian Armed forces felt etiquette was always the order of the day when entering a superior officers’ office.  And this was as superior as they come for it was the temporary office of Sebastien Arnault, The commander in Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces.

He reached the oak paneled door and knocked. “Enter” he heard from the other side of the door.  Not having met the commander before, he opened the door slowly and stepped inside.  It was a very large room that had been hurriedly outfitted for the commander just last week.  Very spartan, there were two pictures hanging on the wood-paneled walls.  At the far end was a standard desk with a chair either side.  On the desk was a quill pen, notepad and tablet computer. Frederick had been in almost every room on the base but this was the only office with windows on  two sides.  One looking out across the grounds, the other looking out across the barracks.  ‘Perfect observation point‘ he thought. ‘I might move myself in once the commander is gone.

“General Custer.” Commander Arnault began as he held out his right hand for a handshake.  “Good to meet you, albeit it could be under better circumstances.”

“Yes sir” Frederick replied, shaking his hand “good to finally meet you Commander Arnault.”

“Good” Sebastien said.  “Well, now the introductions are out of the way, what’s the latest news on the Greenland attack?”

“It’s confirmed sir.” Frederick replied.  “The incident this morning was an attack by the Russian Air Force.”

“Has either Greenland or Russia released a statement as yet?”

“Even with confirmation, Russia have not acknowledged the attack.  Greenland are seeking counsel about their reaction from Norway, the US and ourselves.  We expect situation developments in the next hour.”

“Do you have a copy of their message to us?”

“Yes sir, I have it here.” Frederick hands him the printed email from his Greenland equivalent.

“Thanks, can you email me this as well please.  Is there any word on Russian troops in the area?”

“We’re still assessing the situation but Norway military have noted there is a lot of activity around Franz Josef Land.”

“Ok, thank you for the information General. you are dismissed.  Keep me informed as the situation progresses.”

Frederick left, closing the door to the Commanders office.  As soon as the door clicked shut, Sebastien sat in his chair and used his tablet to place a call to the Canadian President, Robert Johnston.  The president answered almost immediately.  “Sebastien, good to see you.  Just a shame it’s probably not under good circumstances.  You have news I take it.”

“Yes sir” began Sebastien, “It’s as we initially thought.  It has been confirmed that the Russians were behind the attack on the Greenland drilling station.  It’s too early to judge an invasion as yet but we are currently assessing Russian troop movements.”

“Ok thank you Sebastien.  Have Greenland made any attempts to contact us?”

“Yes sir” he replied, “They sent a message to Norway, the US as well as us a few minutes ago requesting counsel.”

Ok, I’ll make arrangements for an emergency meeting of military and cabinet staff.  Can you send the message to the usual suspects for awareness.  How long before we can confirm if there is Russian military presence close to Greenland?”

“We should have confirmation within the hour.”

“Excellent, I’ll call the meeting for 90 minutes time.  Please make sure you are ready to brief everyone on all developments.”

“Yes sir.  I’ll be ready.”

“Thank you Seb,  I know I can count on you.”


One month Later
Arctic Oil treaty meeting (Host: UN in Saudi Arabia)
(In Attendance:  Canada;  USA; Greenland;  Norway;  Russia)

Greenland’s delegate, Kiista Berthelson was frustrated beyond belief.  She couldn’t believe the way this treaty negotiation was going.  Russia had invaded their country three weeks before and they had not received any help at all.  The UN called this meeting to negotiate the hostilities being carried out across the region but also to ensure the withdrawal of Russia from Greenland.  However, Russia were not intending to withdraw and were playing up to the fact that Canada, the US and their allies would not come to help Greenland.

The Canadian delegate, Samuel Sweeney and the US Delegate, Carter Kain had been watching the Russian delegate, Andrei Medvedev and his complete confidence that his country would be able to hold onto their piece of Greenland for the sake of avoiding a conflict that would quickly go global.

The Norwegian Delegate, Aaron Ingeborgsen had watched all sides during the meeting and now felt the time was right to pass his observations back to Kiista.  Walking towards her, he stopped as a phone started to vibrate in his jacket.  He didn’t recognise the ring tone but felt sure it was in his jacket.  He fumbled around and found a phone he didn’t recognise.  Unsure whether to answer.  He hesitated and it rang off.  two seconds later though, it rang again, vibrating in Aaron’s hand.  He didn’t want to appear this was an issue so he answered it as if it was his own. “Hello, Aaron speaking.  who is this please?”

“Mr. Ingeborgsen, please don’t hang up.  I am Boris Alkaev.  Mr. Medvedev’s personal aid.  We need to discuss an urgent matter with you as we feel you are the only neutral delegate here.  We are also aware you have the ear of Mrs. Berthelson and we have need of your influence.”

Aaron shuffled uncomfortably on his feet, accidentally making eye contact with Carter and Samuel.  He smiled at them quickly and looked away.  He then said to Boris “I’m not sure I can help unless I know why?”

Boris, ready for this response answered immediately.  “It is vital you listen to the full story but, for now.  Please know that it is not the Russian Military occupying Greenland.  It is another country holding our great nation to ransom while masking themselves as our own military to steal the Arctic Oil. They want us to take the blame and stall for as long as possible.  We can only assume they want the worst to happen as if this continues, all out war will begin and we must fix this before that happens.”

Aaron was concerned.  He could see why they chose him but how could he tell if they were genuine.  “You must understand I have my doubts as to authenticity.  Do you have proof?”

Again, Boris replied immediately “Affirmative.  We have all the proof you need.  We have left contact instructions at your hotel under your aid’s name Roy Lundgren.  He is already aware of the situation and has instructions to bring his mail to your hotel room.  That is all for now.  Please find a bin, turn off the phone and place inside.  After 10 seconds a device will go off inside the phone, destroying it internally without causing fire or damage to the outer phone.  Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to meeting you later.”  and with that, he was gone.

To be continued…..

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