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December 2014

The Race – Part 1


Looking around the launchpad, he soon realised there were no starships at all. In their place though were six Dragonflies stationed at regular intervals along the sides. Although cool in itself, he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that he wasn't about to learn to fly some kind of starship into space or beyond. Thinking more, he figured, given everything that's happened so far, it wouldn't be too far a stretch of the imagination to assume that it could still happen. So he'd settle for whatever this was for now and wait patiently for his ultimate daydreams. Coming out of his thoughts, he suddenly realised he couldn't see Sarah. Calling for her, she shouted back "I'm over here". "Where?" he responded, not able to see where the voice came from but knowing it was close. "Here I am", Sarah said, coming around from behind a pillar. "Come see this, looks like we have to race 5 other teams across this lily pond". Derek went over to where he saw her and moved around the pillar. In front of him was a written description and a map which appeared to show the lake. The statutory 'You are here' arrow pointed to our location and an 'Exit' pointed to where we needed to get to to move on to the next world. He read the Description; 'Welcome to Valley Creek Lily Pond. However you find yourself here and whatever your previous adventures, nothing will be as scary or as entertaining as this one. If you are reading this, then you are one of six teams competing today. Your task is simple, get your dragonfly to the exit on the other side of the pond. The difficulty, the residents are hungry and Dragonflies are their favourite choice of meal. To reach the exit, all teams will need to work together. We wish you great and magical luck.' [...]