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April 2015

The Race – Part 5


Margaret, prepared as always thanks to Dreamer, slowly rose above the blockage and headed into open sky. It was a beautiful clear blue, bright blinding sun with not a cloud in sight. "Hey you two" Dreamer said, "I can see the door from here." Just then a bird came shooting past them. It appeared to be completely out of control, flapping its wings wildly trying to right itself. Looking in the direction the bird came from, they saw another team under heavy attack from a very large bird. Thinking better of joining in, they watched the fight from afar. Hoping the team would get away. "Oh dear, poor Dragonfly." Margaret said. As she saw the Dragonfly being eaten by the bird. [...]

Have Sally and Jane met their match high above the lily pond? (The Race – Part 4)


As they reached a good enough height, they caught a glimpse of two other dragonfly's, one was in a bit of trouble but seemed to be ok. The other seemed to have a team of 8 with three pea shooters. Squinting, she thought she caught a glimpse of 'nah', she thought, 'it can't be'. Suddenly, the wind took them and they started to spiral downwards. "SALLY! WAKE UP! both Haley and Jane said in unison. "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" [...]

Are Troy and Celandine on the Menu for the birds? (The Race – Part 3)


Eagle shouted "LOOK UP YOU TWO!". Troy tipped his head to the sky first and spotted shadows in the sun. Immediately taking evasive action Eagle flew fast, rising up as Troy maneouvered side to side to see if they could see what was coming. Celandine, also looking up, angled her gun at the shadows knowing something was about to attack. Suddenly, a massive bird swept past them, disrupting the airflow and sending them into a spin. Troy soon corrected but a second bird was on them, sweeping past the other side, causing them to spin again. This time though, one of Eagle's wings was clipped at the edge on the fly past. [...]