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May 2015

The Race – Part 8


“you ok Hawk?” Sarah was worried.  Hawk was now quite a weight with all the extra passengers and guns.  She noticed he was visibly slower as they rose up above [...]

The Race – Part 7


“Welcome to the lily pond.” Sam explained, “you’re not dreaming but we do need you with us.  We will explain but no time now.  Are you ok?” [...]

The Race – Part 6


And now the final humiliation. It wasn't Scrounger's fault, his Dragonfly companion, they'd found each other when he first arrived. No, the organisers had thought to put him at a disadvantage by giving him no gunner. So he was stuck. The race was about to start and no partner in sight. [...]

Driving Grab


Sitting in an old, dark blue morris van surrounded by his bandmates and their equipment, Brian was worried.  If finishing a gig in the St Helier Arms and being paid by one [...]