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The Race – Part 8

“you ok Hawk?” Sarah was worried.  Hawk was now quite a weight with all the extra passengers and guns.  She noticed he was visibly slower as they rose up above the the trees. “Hawk?”

“Don’t worry about me Sarah, I’m good. It’s the two teams ahead I’m more concerned with.”. Everyone looked ahead into the sky.  They all watched as the team nearest them managed to fend off a bird while the team in the distance were beaten by an extremely large bird.  They watched as the people were released and disappeared out of view heading for the ground.

“blimey, I hope they’re ok.” Mackintosh said.  Troy nodded in agreement and everyone started to look in every direction for signs of attack.

Celandine spotted something. “err, Sarah, Hawk.  I think we should follow that team surviving team.”

“Why, sup?” Sarah said looking where they went.

Celandine continued, “Because the huge black bird just followed them and he had a terrible hunger in his eyes.”

“I saw it go after them as well!”  Terry and Sam chimed in together.

“Hawk. As much speed as you can.  They don’t stand a chance against that bird but we have three guns with us.  We should do some damage.”

Sally and Jane took aim and fired a second shot.  The team heading there way had spotted the bird now but looked to be too close to do anything about it. Their shots were too far away and it looked like they weren’t going to make it.

Jane noticed the door opening to the next place.  “This is it Sally.  They either make it or we’re all stuck here.”  She so hoped they would.  Being stuck so close to victory was hell for them.

Hawk and Sarah brought themselves up behind the giant bird while Mackintosh, Celandine & Terry took aim.  Just before they fired, Hawk said “Dreamer, top speed and aim.  Long pass coming your way.”

Everyone was confused.  “What?  Who’s Dreamer?” Sam said.

“Don’t worry Sam.  On my mark gunners, you need to fire.  This has to be perfect. You’ve picked your targets yes?”. All three nodded. “Excellent.”  He took a deep breath.  “FIRE!”

Dreamer heard Hawk and knew immediately what he needed to do.  With a single thought, he opened up six standard and four gunner seats. Margaret and Marshall seemed to be frozen in shock as he took over control.  Mustering every ounce of speed, he headed for the now open exit door.

Mackintosh, Celandine and Terry fired.  All were on target.  The giant bird flinched as the pea’s hit his wings (one hit his bum).  Hovering in mid air, he turned.  His beaked face showed an anger of pure evil and he came at them with such pace that they would never be able to stop him.

Just as he did Terry managed to fire off one more pea.  It was the last thing he did before hearing Hawk say “NOW!”

Before anyone could react, Hawk released the binding straps and flicked everyone straight up and over the the angry bird with hunger in it’s eye’s.  Terry watched his shot as he flew over the bird, seeing it go directly into the birds mouth, he was very happy.  Now he just had to survive a second landing, this time at considerable speed.

Hawk saw the pea enter the birds open mouth and lodge itself nicely in its throat.  This gave him a bit of hope.  The bird started to cough and splutter but still kept on coming.  Hawk was trying to get away and spotted a tree very close which gave him an idea. He turned towards it and flew straight for the trunk.  The bird changed course to follow seemingly determined to use him as a throat clearer.

Arriving at the tree, he got as close to the trunk as possible and waited.  The bird swooped in, beak wide open and CRACK!  Its beak was stuck in the tree trunk.  Still coughing, Hawk winked at the bird. Flying back to watch everyone make it through the door.

Marshall and Margaret came to their senses as the bird turned away from them.  Then the seats appeared and Dreamer increased his speed.  “What’s happening Dreamer?” Marshall enquired.

“There’s another team attacking the bird from behind.”  Dreamer replied.  “The dragonfly told me he would distract the bird allowing us to escape.”

“Then why the seat expansion?”  Margaret asked.

“we’re going to have visitors.  8 people and 3 guns.”

“but how are they coming to us? Marshall replied perplexed.  Dreamer didn’t need to answer as a shadow appeared over him.  Looking up, Marshall and Margaret quickly ducked as everyone and their guns dropped on them like flies.  Amazingly, they all landed perfectly and soon all but two seats and room for a gun were taken.

“Time to fill up the last two seats.” Dreamer said.  “Buckle up, we’re going upside down.”  Everyone checked they were secure as Dreamer rolled over.  “I need every one of you to reach down.  We need to pick up the final team and gun on the way through the door.  Are you all ok to do this?”  Everyone nodded in unison and, apart from Derek due to his shoulder injuries, they all stretched their arms and braced themselves.

“Incoming!  Get ready Sally. You good?”  Jane was still worried about her best friend.  She may have woken up but she definitely was still not right. “I’ve got the gun so don’t worry, just raise your arms and wait, they’re coming in now.”

Dreamer slowed down as much as he could.  It was really difficult to fly upside down with so much weight pulling him down but he was ok.  As they reached the girls, Celandine locked wrists with Sally, Mackintosh caught Jane while Carter got the gun.

Dreamer righted himself as he went through the open door, flying through sideways.  As soon as he was through, everything went dark and he was forced down by an invisible force.  He crash-landed heavily into mud, throwing all his passengers everywhere around him.

As the door closed, Carter caught a glimpse of something coming through but it was too fast to make out.

“Roll call everyone.” Sarah said.  She felt this was her coming of age and everyone here was only here because she needed them.  The trick was to work out how.  By calling a roll call to check everyone was ok, she was taking charge. “we know there’s 13 of us.  One at a time call out your names.

Derek started, followed by Celandine, Mackintosh, Troy, Jane, Marshall, Margaret, Dreamer, Carter, Terry, Sally, Hawk & finally Sam.

“HAWK?  Where are you?  How did you get here?

“I have Terry to thank and I couldn’t not say thank you in person.”

“Guys?  Guys?”  Sam said.  “Does anyone else looking around and wondering where we are?”

“I have.” Mackintosh said with a hint of worry.  “It’s still daylight you know.  I can see the sunlight way over there.”

“erm, people”  Terry said, “We have a bit of a problem.” Everyone looked around at where he his voice came from.  Then they all saw the giant open eye looking across at all of them.

Everyone froze in their spot, not sure what to do next…

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