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Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 1

fact and fiction

picture © The Open University

So I joined a writing course with the Open University called Start Writing Fiction.  The first exercise was to write a paragraph (50 to 100 words) containing one fact and three fictitious elements.

You can write about yourself, about your interests, about history – about anything you like. Then try the reverse – write a paragraph containing three facts and one fictitious element.

Here is my effort. I’ve never written stories this short before so this was an interesting challenge for me and the first of many over the next 8 weeks.

1 fact / 3 fiction

The crowd was fierce, deafening in its silence.  To the guy in the cream jacket with the double-headed guitar motif on the back, glasses and Trilby hat, this was nothing compared to Sydney on new years’ eve.  Quietly he pushed through, stopping to retrieve the feather from his Trilby after someone swiped it.  Just then, 5 people walked out onto the platform in front.  Suddenly, an ear-piercing shrill came from above.  The guy in the trilby looked up and saw an alien ship, watching as every human life around him was extinguished in a beautiful blue haze.

3 Fact / 1 fiction

The fancy dress party was in full swing.  Indiana Jones and Felicity Shagwell were in the mood for love.  Indy had filmed a play-fight between Sylvester the cat and Robin and was now teaching people how to crack a whip.  The bar closed and everyone switched to the nearby nightclub.  In fancy dress, everyone got in and carried on boogying.  Suddenly, while dancing excitedly to Saturday Night Fever, there was a deafeningly heavy rumble.  The club went dark and the music stopped.  Everyone lurched for the exit then stopped.  All in awe of the giant asteroid in the sky crashing towards Earth.

I would really appreciate any comments you may have about these and very much look forward to your feedback.

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