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Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 2

the writing journey starts

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So here we are and it’s Exercise Two.  in this exercise, I learnt a bit about why 6 other writers chose to write and relate them to my own experiences.  I have three questions to answer:

What are the similarities in their respective journeys towards writing?

Three of the writers I listened to always knew they were going to be storytellers of sorts.  three of the writers mentioned troubled times growing up and the emotions that built inside led to them becoming writers.

How much did fact mix with fiction in their own life experience and personal circumstance influenced them as a writer?

Growing, up they all had different ideals and understanding of life, whether that be religious, fantasy, hurtful, family obligations and peer pressure.  these experiences influenced and shaped the way they write their fiction.

What elements of your life experience and personal circumstance do you think influenced your Writing?

I always had a vivid imagination and was always the kid with ‘Dreamer’ and Always looking out the window’ on my report card.  I used to have epic dreams, some of which I still remember today.  some of which I wrote down.  high school changed me tough and I had some very hurtful years there which shaped my writing a great deal.  Having a family has helped pull back much of the fantasies I used to have in my childhood.  especially when I see the imagination of my children.  One thing that has shone throughout my life though is the urge to write everything I think of down.  it borders on obsessive compulsive sometimes.

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