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Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 5

Imagine Writing Spaces

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ok, so I fell behind somewhat after a week off work having fund with the kids and building wardrobes without manual’s. Still, I’m back now and determined to catch back up.

So, this is exercise 5.  The task?  Imagine two different venues for writing – one that seems most suited to you, and one that you would find bizarre or too difficult. Write a paragraph describing two writers at work, one in each of the venues.  think about these, then write them down in a story fashion.  so, here we go.  let me know what you think.


Perfect place:
Michael woke up having just had another of his epic dreams. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. Like an itch that couldn’t be scratched, he simply couldn’t get back to sleep. Finally giving in, he got up out of bed and headed downstairs.

The still of the night was heaven in its silence. Michael went into the dining room opened Word on his tablet and began to write. The words flowed like butter onto the page. Work the next day was not so great. Still, at least he had another story to add to his blog.


Worst place:
Michael couldn’t hear for all the noise. Concentration shattered, he had no idea what to write next. Last night he’d manage a whole chapter but today, he could barely think for all the chatting of people and screaming of children. It was frustrating and it was giving him a short fuse. Realising nothing was going to happen today, he packed up and left the café.

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