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Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 9

Generate something new

Picture © The Open University

Extra time on the train so had a go at exercise 9.  today I had to create something new from scratch that concentrate on creating strong characters that will be at the centre of the story.  The limit for this exercise was 200 – 350 words.


I hope I did the brief justice.  please feel free to comment your thoughts in the comments.


I paddled across the pool with my makeshift fishing rod and separate bucket and string.  The pool was high up in the mountains with a sheer climb on one side and a sheer drop on the other.  I swam to the edge and looked down into the ravine far below.  I spotted my prey.  A large rabbit and small fox were trapped .


I lowered the fishing rod.  After a bit of swinging and a bit more fumbling, I hooked the fox.  Keeping him in position, I lowered the bucket and lifted him into it.  Raising the bucket up as quickly as I could, I grabbed the fox and hugged him before placing him on a small piece of dry land close by.


Now for the rabbit.


I looked over but I couldn’t see him.  I leant further over and still no sign then… ‘There he is.  That’s his tail, right there at the edge of the cave’.  Although tricky, he was not going to get away from me that easily.  I picked up the fishing rod and hooked it over again.  This time, I was slow and cautious but I managed to snag him by the tail.  With the rabbit caught, I lowered my bucket to claim my prize.  I was just lifting him up when the door opened.


Dad walked in and caught me red-handed.  I stared blankly at him, waiting for a reaction before I gave him mine.  The rabbit fell out of the bucket and I dropped the fishing rod.  Dad smiled.  I smiled back, not sure if this was a good thing.  He came over, picked up Bunny and gave him to me in my bunk bed.  I grabbed and cuddled him intently before placing him on my sand coloured pillow next to Foxy.  He pulled my blue duvet back up, cuddled me and said “Night night little man.  Now go to sleep and not another peep!”  He kissed me on the forehead and left.  I snuggled up with fox and bunny and fell asleep till morning.

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