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Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 10

Challenging Expectations

Picture © The Open University

For exercise 10, I have been tasked with writing a brief scene around 300-500 words, portraying a character in a complex way, going against usual expectations for such a character.

I chose to write about a policemen who enjoys committing crimes when off-duty.

I hope you enjoy reading my mini story.  please comment if you have any feedback.  it’s always welcome.


Perused, exhausted and running through the shadows at full speed, James knew he couldn’t keep this up much longer.  His pursuer wasn’t giving up easily.  She’d kept up with him all the way from the station.  ‘This bag must be important to her’.

James was a sergeant in the met police.  He loved his job but this was his secret fetish.  He couldn’t stop himself stealing when off-duty.  It was the thrill of the chase and he enjoyed it on both sides of the fence.

Being a copper, he knew his beat and where every CCTV camera was.  He knew what to wear to avoid being identified.  He never did anything major but, as part of his job, he sometimes had to interview his own victims.  He especially enjoyed that part.

‘This woman just won’t give up!’  Rounding a corner, he slipped, sliding across the ground on his side.  ‘That’s gonna hurt in the morning’.  Getting up he spotted a ladder reaching up to a building roof. He grabbed it and started climbing just as his pursuer came around the bend.  She didn’t slip, a miracle in the high heels she had on.

Reaching the roof. He started to run, looking for an exit or a close building, if he could make the jump.  Then he heard a sound.  A woman’s muffled scream.  Heading back to the ladder, he looked over to see his pursuer upside down and hanging upside down, one of her heels keeping her alive by being wrapped around a step.

The absolute fear on her face was difficult to watch without trying to help.  “Hold on, I’m coming down!”  he said disguising his voice as best he could.  He stepped slowly onto the ladder.  As he did, the heel made a ripping noise and she started to move.

“It’s ok lady, I got you.” Stepping slowly to the next step, he reached down as she carefully reached up.  The touched and held hands for a moment while adjusting grip. Then James pulled. The heel gave way and her body shifted.  Both of them coming away from the edge, falling to the ground with a thud.

James shook his head as he came to.  Checking himself, he realised he was ok.  Looking back up, he guessed they must have fallen around thirty feet.  He then remembered his pursuer.  He realised he was ok because she had broken his fall.  She was a lot worse off than him.
“Damn!” he thought about calling an ambulance but thought how could he explain.  Then an idea hit him.  He ditched his ‘robbing’ clothes and called an ambulance.  She came to as the sirens stopped and the medics came running over.  James stepped back and let them work.

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