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Travis swore blind he had nothing to do with it.  His mother wasn’t so sure.  She sat a little away from it just inside the kitchen door with her arms crossed.
“I swear mum, I was just testing my newly built dimensional portal and this just…  appeared.”
She looked around at the devastation.  What used to be a beautiful kitchen centrepiece consisting of a table and eight chairs was no more.  In the table’s place was some kind of creature with wings looking around like it was dazed and definitely confused.
Above the creature was a blue swirling disc with a picture in the middle.  In the picture she could see her chairs and table with cutlery neatly laid out as they were for dinner.
“Well!”  She said sternly, “What are you waiting for?”  She pointed at her table on the other side of the portal.  “Go and get it!”
“But mum?”
“No buts Travis! Go and get them back!”  She pointed at the creature.  “And take that thing with you before he gets his bearings. He looks dangerous!”
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