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“To all passengers, now we are airborne, I am truly sorry to be the bearer of this news. In the last thirty minutes, an asteroid impacted our planet on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. The shockwave caused by the impact is currently travelling around the planet at a velocity much faster than we can outrun. At current speed, the shockwave will reach us in two minutes. I would ask that everyone please stay in your seats with your seatbelts fastened and put yourself in the brace position.” [...]



Travis swore blind he had nothing to do with it.  His mother wasn’t so sure.  She sat a little away from it just inside the kitchen door with her arms crossed. [...]



I could see the finish.  ‘It won’t be long now.’  My competitors were dust.  Fred turned around, Tony soon followed, Alice went sideways and Rita was dawdling.  [...]



“Translators are great but they are like a navigation system. They guide very well but they won’t always give you the right result.” [...]



Why is it, when everyone abandons you, the only people left are the conspiracy theorists? [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 13


Gabriella was nervous enough that her winking eye was back, she could always tell but it was an involuntary reflex she hated with a passion. The alarm was raised and her team appeared to have scarpered, leaving her dangling close to the high ceiling of a room in a mansion with two security guards running around looking for intruders. Lucky for her, the penknife Duncan had dropped from the ceiling had bounced across the floor and come to rest underneath a sofa. Also lucky was that the two idiots below her never looked up. If they had, the police would be here by now. [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 12


Gabriela Santinero was a woman with a critical stare you be hard pressed to forget. Her five feet height would let anyone else disappear easily in a crowd but she is feisty, thinking nothing of climbing peoples backs to see above the crowd. Her jet black hair and green eyes give her a striking look that few would not notice yet she was not beautiful by usual standards. Even so, her husky voice turned heads. It was why she kept a weapon close to her chest just in case. [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 11


My interviewer mumbled something under his breath but I didn’t hear it. “For the benefit of the tape, the interview will now begin. Subject fourteen is around six foot tall. He is medium build with no obvious marks on his body. He has mousy brown hair, blue eyes and a hook nose. His demeanour appears relaxed yet nervous. Please can you tell me your name?” “Craig Wenham.” “Thank you. Do you know how you got here?” “I’m afraid not. Any hel….” “I’m sorry please just keep to the answers.”. how do you feel at the moment?” I paused. This was an odd interview. Did I survive something? “I feel nervous, unsure, a little anxious and a tiny amount of frustration.” “Would you say you were scared at this moment?” [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 10


Picture © The Open University For exercise 10, I have been tasked with writing a brief scene around 300-500 words, portraying a character in a complex way, going against [...]