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If it’s not poems or stories of some description, it’ll probably end up here.. :)

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 3


Stanley’s reputation preceded him. His gloriously decorated two-tone brown/cream Chelsea boots, black jeans, smart large collared white shirt with its black flowery design and his cream Harrington bomber jacket spoke of his flamboyance. That inimitable happiness he displayed wherever he went. His face told a different story. Although in his twenties, his face was sharp, rugged and weathered with a large heavy beard and a scar down his right cheek [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 2


picture © The Open University So here we are and it’s Exercise Two.  in this exercise, I learnt a bit about why 6 other writers chose to write and relate them to my [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 1


picture © The Open University So I joined a writing course with the Open University called Start Writing Fiction.  The first exercise was to write a paragraph (50 to 100 [...]

Missing in Action


Hey, So I haven’t posted in a while and it wasn’t just because of christmas, New year and my birthday.  Unfortunately, my father passed away on 20th December and [...]

Plans and Other Stuff


So, as this is a new blog, I thought I’d say a little bit about my plans.. Well, I have a few things I’ve written over the last 20yrs or so years (there’s [...]