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Writing Muses

A collection of stories that could be expanded on if any ever get read and appear to be popular..

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Ever wanted to control your dreams?


When I was a young boy, I had an unexpected dream.  I don’t remember the details but I do know that during it, I was kissed on my cheek.  The kiss woke me up.  At [...]

Sheltered Haven


A naïve young man receives a worrying transmission from his brother, just before he disappears.  A hidden war, born of a blood feud, threatens to spill out across the [...]

Sarah Newlynn


This is the story of Sarah Newlynn.  A 12 year old girl who has no idea of the adventure she is about to embark on.  As it has been her generations of her [...]


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Imagine waking up in a place you don’t recognise, amongst people you don’t know, and without any memory of who you are or how you came to be there.  What [...]