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Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 13


Gabriella was nervous enough that her winking eye was back, she could always tell but it was an involuntary reflex she hated with a passion. The alarm was raised and her team appeared to have scarpered, leaving her dangling close to the high ceiling of a room in a mansion with two security guards running around looking for intruders. Lucky for her, the penknife Duncan had dropped from the ceiling had bounced across the floor and come to rest underneath a sofa. Also lucky was that the two idiots below her never looked up. If they had, the police would be here by now. [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 12


Gabriela Santinero was a woman with a critical stare you be hard pressed to forget. Her five feet height would let anyone else disappear easily in a crowd but she is feisty, thinking nothing of climbing peoples backs to see above the crowd. Her jet black hair and green eyes give her a striking look that few would not notice yet she was not beautiful by usual standards. Even so, her husky voice turned heads. It was why she kept a weapon close to her chest just in case. [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 10


Picture © The Open University For exercise 10, I have been tasked with writing a brief scene around 300-500 words, portraying a character in a complex way, going against [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 9


Picture © The Open University Extra time on the train so had a go at exercise 9.  today I had to create something new from scratch that concentrate on creating strong [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 8


Picture © The Open University Exercise 8 is all about editing practise.  I am given a piece of work and asked to edit it using the following prompts: What really matters [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 7


Picture © The Open University And now we come to Exercise 7.  for this exercise, I had to turn on the radio and note down the first thing I heard.  then use it as either [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 6


Okay, so for exercise 7 I’ve been tasked with trying describe something familiar with one or two ordinary words that you wouldn’t normally use in that context so, [...]

Start Writing Fiction – Exercise 5


Picture © The Open University ok, so I fell behind somewhat after a week off work having fund with the kids and building wardrobes without manual’s. Still, I’m [...]