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The Race – Part 6


And now the final humiliation. It wasn't Scrounger's fault, his Dragonfly companion, they'd found each other when he first arrived. No, the organisers had thought to put him at a disadvantage by giving him no gunner. So he was stuck. The race was about to start and no partner in sight. [...]

Are Troy and Celandine on the Menu for the birds? (The Race – Part 3)


Eagle shouted "LOOK UP YOU TWO!". Troy tipped his head to the sky first and spotted shadows in the sun. Immediately taking evasive action Eagle flew fast, rising up as Troy maneouvered side to side to see if they could see what was coming. Celandine, also looking up, angled her gun at the shadows knowing something was about to attack. Suddenly, a massive bird swept past them, disrupting the airflow and sending them into a spin. Troy soon corrected but a second bird was on them, sweeping past the other side, causing them to spin again. This time though, one of Eagle's wings was clipped at the edge on the fly past. [...]

The Race – Part 2

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Derek understood. He swung back underneath and reached his hands ready. Sarah did her part and Hawk slowed down to match speed and spin of decent. Tumbling over and over the other team saw what was going on and releasing there straps, held on for dear life while reaching out for Derek. 'Come on' he thought. 'touching fingertips. Just a bit more'. Grabbing the wrist of each person they grabbed him with all their might, dislocating one of his shoulders and pulling the shoulder muscle of the other. [...]